Rainbow Color In Moissanite

Recently in the gemstone industry moissanite has become extremely popular as a diamond alternative. Moissanite has been called the synthetic diamond because it is so similar to diamond. Unlike cubic zirconia moissanite is not a mass produced cheap looking stone, they are just as intricate as real diamonds while still costing as much as 75 percent less. 

However, many are asking, What is The Reason For The Rainbow Effect In Moissanite?

Main reason for rainbow reflection 

Light that is reflected from the stone often looks colorful like a rainbow because when the light enters the stone it is separated into all the different colors that make up light. So when it is reflected back out of the stone it appears colorful.


The difference between the two stones

When comparing a diamond and a moissanite stone side by side some people may notice that the moissanite stone actually shines more. And reflects more light than a diamond. And more colors. And that would be because moissanite is higher on the refraction index and has higher dispersion of light. 

  • Moissanite’s dispersion is 0.104
  • Diamond’s dispersion is 0.044
  • Refractive Index of moissanite is 2.65
  • Refractive Index of diamond is 2.42

What does that mean? It means that when light hits the stone, a stone with higher refraction will reflect more of the light back out to anyone who is looking at it. Instead of letting the light pass through the stone. Dispersion is the stone's ability to separate the light that hits the stone; when light comes in it is white light and then is separated into all the different colors that make up light. A stone with more dispersion will separate the light more so the light that is reflected is more colorful. So when comparing a diamond with a lower refraction and lower dispersion, to a moissanite which is higher in both, you may notice that the moissanite stone shines more, and more colors come from it than the diamond which might look a little bland. Often diamonds are cut too deep or too shallow because it is a natural stone that sometimes has inclusions or other imperfections, but moissanite is created by humans so they can be made perfect every time with maximum brilliance. Another factor is the shape of the stone. Round shapes tend to reflect more color than step cut emeralds and other special shapes.


Being that there is more light dispersion in moissanite there tends to be more rainbow reflection. In the end some people do not notice the difference. Others spot the difference from across the room. But there definitely is a difference between the two stones. When buying a moissanite stone the quality of the moissanite is very important. Not all moissanite is created equally so make sure to buy from a trusted retailer. There is higher quality and lower quality moissanite just like with diamond and just like with diamonds you can really tell the difference between the two. Low quality stones will look like glass, just a shiny clear stone. And very little rainbow. A high quality moissanite stone is worth searching for as it has the intricate interior of a real diamond that makes it so pretty to look at and have on your finger. And it is guaranteed to have the vibrant rainbow twinkle that moissanite is known for.