Moissanite The New Diamond

When buying an engagement ring or any piece of jewelry with diamonds, a prospective buyer may want to know that there is a diamond alternative that was introduced into the jewelry market around 20 years ago, and it has been gaining popularity ever since.

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 but only became popular recently in 1998. There is natural moissanite but it is extremely rare, so most of the moissanite used is lab made. Due to the fact that it is made in a lab and not mined in places around the world the retail price for moissanite is significantly lower than a diamond which is the main reason people like it as a diamond alternative. 

In addition to the low price, for people that are interested in an eco-friendly option that does not harm the environment in its production; there is no waste and a much lower carbon footprint produced from moissanite. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is practically just as hard and durable as real diamond and in terms of its appearance there is in fact more brilliance than the real diamond. There is more refraction of light in moissanite than real diamond and as a result there is a rainbow of colors that gets reflected from the stone which is not the case with real diamond. 

The color is colorless in most lighting, but in certain lighting moissanite has been known to have a faint grey shade. For most people that can't or do not want to spend a big amount of money on an engagement ring, moissanite has become the number one alternative as it matches and even beats diamond in most categories. And because the price is so much lower, customers can buy a much larger stone and still spend less than they would buying a natural real diamond. 

Real natural diamonds have been the gold standard for engagement rings since 1930 when it was marketed as a valuable commodity that would last forever and therefore was a great investment. And it was very practical for everyday use since diamond is the hardest known mineral and the value of the diamond would only increase over time. Diamonds have remained the gold standard since then and still to this day are the most popular option for engagement rings. They are a symbol of success and fortune universally. Wearing diamonds is a status symbol. Because they are so expensive, having and wearing one has become a way to let others know the level of your success. Another quality that makes them so sought after is the intense shine that a good quality diamond has. A high end diamond can be seen from far away and really captures someone's attention immediately as it is so sparkly and different from everything else around it. Therefore diamonds are the favorite gemstone and most popular by far. And still are to this day. 

In conclusion when buying a diamond if price is a big factor then moissanite will definitely be a great alternative. And it would be a good idea to look into moissanite stones rather than having to settle for a smaller less good quality diamond. It provides most if not all of the same benefits as a real diamond without actually being a diamond. If a bright stone is what you are looking for then moissanite is the way to go. If tradition is important to you and authenticity then diamond will always be the way to go.