Moissanite Is The Answer

The answer to what? To the very common problem that is wanting to look good without having to spending big. Due to the recent pandemic many people find that they have less extra cash to spend on non essential items. But looking good is essential to feeling good. So the solution is a diamond alternative that looks exactly like real diamond but costs half the price, sometimes even less. There are also many people that like to own expensive jewelry but do not want to wear it in certain situations as they fear it will draw unwanted attention. So, the solution again is a cheaper diamond alternative that looks exactly like real diamond. That way the real diamond can be kept safely back at home while you go out and get all the street credit for having such a nice piece. Moissanite offers customers a budget friedly option for looking good.

What is moissanite 

Moissanite is lab grown diamond. That means that instead of mining it from the ground and getting a predetermined stone with predetermined color and clarity, the diamond can be designed from scratch. So it can be made any way with any clarity and any color. That means that if you hypothetically already had a really nice expensive diamond with very intricate details, you could have a moissanite diamond made to look exactly like the original. That way you could leave the expensive original at home in your safe where you know nothing will happen to it. Unlike cubic zirconia moissanite is not cheap plastic, synthetic diamond alternative can be exactly the same as real diamond in everything but name so this will look exactly like real diamond, even using a jewelers loop to inspect the stone you may not find a single visual difference. Moissanite can be just as intricately cut as real diamond with the same facets and same reflection of light. In fact in certain lighting moissanite is known to shine more than diamond and reflect more all while boasting a significantly lower price tag that makes it available for more people and makes more places an option to wear fancy jewelry. 


Due to moissanites extremely low price where with diamond some perspective customers would think twice about making such a big purchase with moissanite it is much easier to make a purchase. In fact some people buy multiple rings or multiple necklaces instead of only one and stack them. There are so many more options opened up with moissanite as a diamond alternative.