Affordable Engagement Rings in 2022


Thinking about taking that next step in your relationship? 

With over three decades of experience in the diamond industry, our family-owned business wanted to provide an option for those looking to celebrate milestone events – while also being conscious of the costs and environmental impact associated with traditional diamonds.

Our solution: Moissanite - lab diamonds, which look like natural diamonds with even more brilliance (and a more affordable price point!). 

Because these gemstones are identical to natural diamonds, sales have drastically increased rapidly over the last year as shoppers look to save money without compromising beauty. 

As one of the leading engagement ring sellers in Los Angeles, owner Hannah can attest that sales have increased significantly over the last year. 

Based in Los Angeles and Miami, The Ring Pal helps shoppers find the perfect stone and setting. “We take pride customizing every ring like it’s our own,” says Hannah. “We’ve had to hire more employees this year to accommodate the growing demand as shoppers look for more affordable and eco-friendly options.”

Shopping for engagement rings is one of the most exciting things to do in the weeks leading up to the proposal. But how do you know which ring is the one or make sure your investment is buying the best possible stone?

Here at The Ring Pal, we wanted to put together a simple guide that makes finding an affordable engagement ring as easy as possible in 2022. Keep reading to learn more about Moissanite stones and how they’re highly comparable to the look and style of diamonds. 

Moissanite vs. Diamond

Compare a Moissanite to a diamond you might find the lab-grown gemstone to catch your eye before the diamond. Why?

Because of the intense brilliance and faceting pattern featured with Moissanite stones. Moissanite stones are cut in such a way to reflect light much more intensely than a traditional diamond. The bigger the gemstone, the more refractive the light is, too.

Here are a few other key characteristics between diamonds and Moissanite to consider:

  • Durability: On the Mohs Scale (the rating in which stones are tested for strength), diamonds are at the top: a 10 on the hardness scale. Moissanite is 9.25 – nearly as durable as a diamond and perfect for everyday wear.
  • Sourcing: For those who want affordable engagement rings that are also eco-conscious, the Moissanite gemstone wins over a traditional diamond. Lab-grown, no mining or environmental impact is required to develop these beautiful stones.
  • Price: Depending on cut, size, and clarity, the price of a diamond or Moissanite varies. Comparing two stones of the same size and cut, shoppers will find a dramatic price difference. A brilliant, larger Moissanite stone is much more affordable than a diamond of equal size.
  • Color: Moissanite is usually colorless by nature in most settings, while a colorless diamond is more of a rare (and expensive!) find.

As you can see here, shopping for an affordable engagement ring in 2022 comes down to your budget.

Want a larger, more brilliant stone without a substantial investment? Moissanite stones could be the ideal alternative for both you and your partner.

Choosing Moissanite over Traditional Diamonds

Have you been shopping for engagement rings and found them too expensive, especially as we move through uncertain times? 

With everything increasing in cost (gas! groceries!), it’s easy to see why jewelry might be further down on the to-buy list. But, if you’re ready for that special milestone of getting engaged, there are plenty of options to help you take the next step.

One of the biggest questions with shopping for alternative engagement ring stones is this: “Is it an engagement ring if it’s not a diamond?”

Absolutely! Whether passing an heirloom ring down, choosing the more personalized route and going with a different gemstone, or finding an engagement ring that holds special value to the recipient, any stone you want to propose is an engagement ring.

Moissanite stones are beautiful, highly durable, and ethically produced. It’s not meant to replace diamonds; it’s simply an alternative gemstone with unique characteristics.